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This site is a reference site (mostly technical) for me and anyone else who finds it. The site was created because I wanted a central repository of information I used on a regular basis. So I put it all in one spot and organized it. I used a wiki format so I can access it from anywhere and others can share their input as well.

If you would like to contact me: wikiadmin<at>inisec<dot>com. I do enjoy hearing if the site has helped in anyway. Also, if you want to submit anything for the site it is always nice to send a note for reference (although not required).

Thanks to everyone who have mailed saying they like the site and how it helped.

You may want to start in the All Categories Section or you can try your luck in the All Pages Section.

Also, here is the Really Old Index.

You may want to use the Google index of the site:

Everything you find on this site is kopimi Copyme y wh bg.gifsafe


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