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This is very outdated - but left here for reference


[edit] Apple

  Convert a .dmg file to a .iso (dmg to iso conversion)

[edit] Hardware:

  Sony DSC-W1 (Sony DSC-W1)
  System Memory (System Memory Info)

[edit] Linux:

  Backup Settings (Simple Backup)
  Bind (DNS) (Bind (DNS))
  Build RPM's (Redhat) (Build RPMS)
  Change Hostname (Change Hostname)
  Console to Serial Port Redirect (Console to Serial)
  Create ISO file (Create ISO)
  Dansguardian Bypass page (Dansguardian Bypass)
  Daylight savings time change (DST Check)
  dd commands (DD Commands)
  Debian netinstall from USB Key (Debian USB Install)
  Debian Package Manager (.deb) (Debian Package Manger)
  Define and Create Soft and Hard links in Linux (Soft and Hard Links)
  Firewall Install (Firewall Install)
  Gallery Install (v2.1.2) (Gallery 2)
  General Commands (General Commands)
  KVM with wheel mouse (KVM Wheel Mouse)
  IPTABLES ssh access rule (for Linksys) (IPTABLES Rules)
  LDAP Infromation (LDAP Notes)
  Log Apache to MySQL (Log Apache to MySQL)
  Nagios Install (Nagios)
  Network Commands (Network Commands)
  Postfix Install (Postfix Install)
  Recursive Remove File Extensions (Recursive Remove File Extensions)
  Samba ADS Configuration (Samba)
  Samba Share mounting (Share Mounting)
  Simple egrep commands (Simpleegrep)
  Set Clock via Command Line (SetClock)
  Set Temporary IP address and Gateway (Temp IP and GTWY)
  Setting Routes (Setting Routes)
  Stop System Beep (Stop System Beep)
  SSL Information (SSL)
  Suse Yast repo's (Suse Yast Repos)
  Tar commands (tar.gz) (tar)
  vi Editor Information (VI)
  vsftpd - Lock Users to Home (vsftpd Home)
  Which OS distribution (Which OS)

[edit] Software

  Mediawiki configuration changes (Mediawiki Changes)

[edit] Windows:

  Add Calendar to Excel (Windows/excelcal)
  Admin Tools for 2003 domains on Vista (Windows/Vista Admin Tools)
  Batch File Commands (Windows/Batch File Commands)
  Install windows SNMP for Windows 2000+ (Windows/SNMP Install)
  Internet Explorer Click remove (Windows/click)
  Merge (Join) .ts files (Windows/ts File Merge)
  Microsoft uninstall secret (Windows/uninstallsecret)
  Putty Information (Windows/Putty)
  Remote Desktop Console Connection (Windows/rdcc)
  Setting Routes (Windows/Setting Routes)
  Use Number Keypad with Putty (Windows/puttynumpad)
  Vista Disable User Account Control (Windows/Disable UAC)
  Vista Large File Copy Patch (Windows/Large File Copy Fix)
  Windows 64 Shell extension (Windows/64shell)
  Windows 64 Vim (Windows/64vim)
  Windows Scripting Host (Windows/WSH)

[edit] Emergancy Preparedness

  72 Hr Kits in 4 Weeks (72 Hr Kits in 4 Weeks)
  Food Storage for $5.00 a week (Storage at $5 a Week)

[edit] Other Notes:

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