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The Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack doesn’t run under Vista, but gives an error (”MMC could not create the snap-in”). Microsoft posted a Knowledge Base article here with a fix, and other users reported it worked for them. However, even after following said instructions, I continued receiving the same error message. I did a bit of frustrated troubleshooting and discovered the simple issue I’d inadvertently missed. You not only have to run the script as an administrator (which I had done), but the Administration Tools installer as well.

1. Log onto a domain account with administrative privileges on the machine.

2. Download the Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Administration Tools Pack (see link below). Right-click on the file and select Run As Administrator. Complete installation.

3. Create the following file (from the walk through in KB 930056). Make sure you change the file extension to .cmd;

Open text editor and past the following

@echo off

REM RegisterAdminPak.cmd
REM (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved. 

set filelist=adprop.dll azroles.dll azroleui.dll ccfg95.dll
set filelist=%filelist% certadm.dll certmmc.dll certpdef.dll certtmpl.dll
set filelist=%filelist% certxds.dll cladmwiz.dll clcfgsrv.dll clnetrex.dll
set filelist=%filelist% cluadmex.dll cluadmmc.dll cmproxy.dll cmroute.dll
set filelist=%filelist% cmutoa.dll cnet16.dll debugex.dll dfscore.dll
set filelist=%filelist% dfsgui.dll dhcpsnap.dll dnsmgr.dll domadmin.dll
set filelist=%filelist% dsadmin.dll dsuiwiz.dll imadmui.dll lrwizdll.dll
set filelist=%filelist% mprsnap.dll msclus.dll mstsmhst.dll mstsmmc.dll
set filelist=%filelist% nntpadm.dll nntpapi.dll nntpsnap.dll ntdsbsrv.dll
set filelist=%filelist% ntfrsapi.dll rasuser.dll rigpsnap.dll rsadmin.dll
set filelist=%filelist% rscommon.dll rsconn.dll rsengps.dll rsjob.dll
set filelist=%filelist% rsservps.dll rsshell.dll rssubps.dll rtrfiltr.dll
set filelist=%filelist% schmmgmt.dll tapisnap.dll tsuserex.dll vsstskex.dll
set filelist=%filelist% w95inf16.dll w95inf32.dll winsevnt.dll winsmon.dll
set filelist=%filelist% winsrpc.dll winssnap.dll ws03res.dll

for %%i in (%filelist%) do (
	echo Registering %%i ...
	regsvr32 /s %%i 
Echo Command Completed

Save file as RegisterAdminPak.cmd and close

4. Magic–your Administration Tools now work. Now you can unlock user accounts and other administratory goodness without having to fire up Parallels or remote into an XP machine.

5. Not all features work at this point ie: DHCP and image icons, but better than nothing.

[edit] Downloads

Admin Pack:
Script Site:
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