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To install VMware workstation version 9 use the following on new kernels


[edit] Version 9

[edit] First

cd /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build/include/linux

sudo ln -s ../generated/utsrelease.h
sudo ln -s ../generated/autoconf.h
sudo ln -s ../generated/uapi/linux/version.h 

[edit] Second Install

Use the VMware_Workstation_v9.0.1_Linux_x64 installer

[edit] Version 10

[edit] on Debian

Install VMware Workstation 10 on Debian

The Tutorial Show Step-by-Step How-to Install for Linux Debian VMware Workstation 10.

The Installation has been Tested Successfully on Linux Debian 6-Squeeze/7-Wheezy/8-Jessie Desktops.

Comprehends Detailed Commands & Instructions for Debian VMware Workstation 10 Installation that Show Every Single Step and Setup of the Process…

To the How-to Install VMware Workstation 10 on Debian Bottom You Find Links to How-to Install VMWare Tools for VMware Workstation Guests.

The VMware-Tools Installed and Working will Grant you a More Pleasant Journey on Debian VMWare Workstation Virtual Machines…

[edit] Required Packages

apt-get install open-vm-tools open-vm-tools-dev open-vm-dkms open-vm-toolbox gcc build-essential

Execute the VMware-Workstation Installation Script

cd </path/2>/VMware*10*.bundle
sudo su
chmod +x ./VMware*10*.bundle

Then Follow the Installation Workflow

[edit] References:


[edit] Other Reference (not needed for Mint Debian)

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